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Bobby Bowden, when not sleepy, still wings 'em hot and fresh at the boys in the press pool. (We're pretty sure this is precisely what Bobby would call them, too, even if he was staring a female reporter straight in the ovaries.)

Guess which ones are actual Bobby Bowden quotes. Bonus points will be awarded for fake Bobby quotes we wished were real submitted below.

Bobby Bowden Quote Challenge

1. On Seminoles avoiding trouble this offseason: “I can't say it's good because, if I do, tomorrow there'll be a bank robbery.”

2. On crown molding: "It's a way to accentuate existing value or introduce value into a home. I just can't get enough of the stuff. It's just classic, fabulous American design."

3. On his race with Joe Paterno: “I look in the obituary section every day to see if he's still out there.”

4. On Chuck Amato: "I like 'em chesty. A girl like that'll show you a time, I tell you what. Don't use that quote."

5. On the current Lebanese/Israeli crisis:"Detente was no longer an option, obviously, though I feel Ehud Olmert reacted too strongly to the perceived threat. Clearly what occurred here deviated from the strategic due to political stimuli, a wager that has not paid off handsomely for Mr. Olmert and his party. By the way, I think Jeffy would kick ass as an Israeli commando. That boy can do any damn thing he sets his mind to, dadgummit."

6. On Steve Spurrier: "Heard he's gay. Dancing nancy. Likes it rough like a sailor, from what I hear. Don't use that quote."

7. On who he likes in the next FSU/Miami game if it comes down to a field goal try: “Who's kicking, us or them?”

8. On naptime: "Mmm."

Bowden, showing the gams in days before naptime sounded so, so good.

Answers: 1, 3, and 7, unfortunately.