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Wasn't that a lovely duet? Just lovely. We'd like to thank Glenn Danzig and Dionne Warwick for that stirring rendition of "Separate Lives." Just special people helping us do a special thing here at the EDSBS telethon, day two of three.

We'd like to kowtow and thank the donors who've already given $850 bucks toward the goal of putting EDSBS on a dedicated server--you're all beautiful people who deserve all the sex and fancy panties life can throw at you. As we cruise into day two, we'll remind you of why we're doing this:

--To put EDSBS on its own dedicated server for the next year.

--To throw something back to the designers and tech types who've chipped in for free over the past year.

--To purchase beer for the EDSBS tailgate fundraiser, which will benefit refugee youth soccer in the Clarkston, Georgia area.

So give now! If you want! Later today we'll have a P.O. Box available for the e-impaired, but for the tech-savvy we have a PayPal donation button set up at the top right hand of the site. Just a bit more, and we won't be forced into doing this:

It sounds better when Liverpool fans do it, frankly.