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James Gundlach, the professor/whistle-blower/leading recipient of death threats in the last week in Alabama, isn't going away--though the more Gundlach talks, the less it seems likely that the school did anything that the NCAA will find unseemly. (Accreditation woes remain an entirely separate issue, however.) Tubs is confident an academic review will turn up nothing, but his coach's confidence didn't keep Will Herring from dropping a quote that we're betting zillions on to come back in mocking triplicate from rivals one day:

“It has not been a distraction, not to the team,’’ linebacker Will Herring said. “Has it been fair? I can say it hasn’t been fair, but life’s not fair, you know? We’ve climbed up to the top of the nation academically and when you’re on top, people want to shoot you down.’’

Yup. Just take that one, sniff the bouquet, and let it roll around the palate for a while. Ahh, quality.

James Brooks and friend showing what they learned in their math class.