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Like most great stories, this one's tucked away in a whole other article about the beginning of Florida practice:

Meyer said all 26 of Florida's incoming freshmen will begin practice next week, but DB Wondy Pierre-Louis had a difficult time becoming eligible to come to Gainesville. Pierre-Louis didn't have to worry about the NCAA, but rather the U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Service.

Meyer said Pierre-Louis, a Haitian citizen, was in the country illegally when he played at Naples Lely High. Pierre-Louis had to return to Haiti to get a student visa...

Meyer said Gators defensive backs coach Chuck Heater traveled to Haiti to help ensure that Pierre-Louis would get his visa.

Chuck Heater went to Haiti on a recruiting trip? Besides sounding like the worst husbandly alibi for a coke 'n whores binge in the Caribbean to tell your wife ever, Heater earns massive points as a lightning-pulsed recruiter for that. Going down to South Florida's one thing; braving the piss-reek of Duvalier Airport and the often flaming streets of Port-Au-Prince to argue with United States consular officials embodies recruiting madness.

Florida's evidently got a lead on all other schools save Miami for Carib recruiting. But while we're making our own little contract of Tordesillas, what schools would have an advantage in recruiting geopolitically? Tennessee would own Austria, or at least display pronounced interest thanks to streets crammed with tasty pastries and greasy sausages.

Leave your own geopolitical matches below.

Pictures from Chuck Heater's vacation.