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Summer must end, if only to give us football and something else to write about besides homoerotic shots of gridironers lolling about in potentially homoerotic poses. The bukkake pile of the Troy lineman photo was bad enough, but now we have this...

..which can't possibly be real, right? That's not Jimmy Claussen, ND blue chip nab, looking suspiciously like:

a.) Rough trade

b.) The scion of a Serbian mafia family on vacation with his boys in the Pakleni islands.

c.) The world's most unfortunate album cover choice.

d.) Deckhand on the S.S. Catamite

There has to be a USC or BC Photoshopper behind this (not the "Queer Eye" bit--we're pretty sure that came from Photoshop.) The sooner September 1st rolls around, the better. And after this and the white stretch Hummer limo entry to his signing day announcement, why are we convinced that Claussen has the white tuxedo from the "Sharp Dressed Man" video in his closet?