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What a great week it has been here on EDSBS thanks entirely to our guest bloggers, Peter from BON, Paul from Georgia Sports, and SMQ . Why did we ask them to fill in in Orson's absense....we'll that is obvious. As you can now see, they can write their asses off. So, if you weren't a regular reader of theirs before, make sure you are one now.

Now for the hard part. How does EDSBS top this week of guest blogging? Well, we start with the demise of Orson's luxurious red neck riviera vacation. And then... it is topless women, shirtless football players (for the other half of our audience), free booze, instant acting Viagra and Cialis for all, free downloads of Paris Hilton's hit new single and ...

Could EDSBS turn into a Girls Gone Wild Party?

...or perhaps just some more snarks and quips about the world of college football fandome, with some fart jokes and pop culture thrown in for good measure. But anyway, a heartfelt thanks to our guest bloggers. We just hope they haven't upped the meager expectations of our readers.