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Willie Cooper, a junior safety for the Miami Hurricanes, was shot this morning. His prognosis is good as the bullet hit him in the ass. The investigation is ongoing, but, according to the local CBS affiliate:

at around 6:45 a.m. they spotted a suspicious car pull up in front of their home. A masked gunman got out and started shooting. [Brandon] Meriwether and Cooper walked to the corner of the residence where they saw one black male crotched down next to their home.

According to police, Meriweather yelled at the black male at which time the male jumped up and shot one time hitting Cooper in the buttocks. When Cooper was shot its believed Meriweather pulled a pistol from his pants pocket and fired three times at the assailant, who jumped a fence and fled with another person in an older model blue Audi, police said.

This might inspire a new ending to the next Michael Mann movie.

Miami's new offensive line coach.