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The fellas at Mzone have outdone themselves. They've worked up a list of alternate sponsors for the bowls. My favorite:

Some other suggestions from me include:
-- Viagra Motor City Bowl -- Because it's really tough to get up for this quasi-tickle pile involving MAC and CUSA members. If I'm not mistaken, the winner of this game doesn't have to play an SEC team the following year.
-- Gore-Tek Boise Bowl -- Who's kidding who here? It is cold as shit in Boise around Jan. 10th when they finally place this thing. Why not embrace the reality with a sponsorship that says, "Look, we know it's ridiculous how far north we are, and it's ridiculous that we're hosting a bowl. But if you come all the way up here....we'll give you a warm coat because we're the nicest Eskimos that you'll ever meet."
-- Cheetah III Showbar Peach Bowl -- The logo would include a busty blonde with stars over the nips with the slogan "a true Georgia Peach." Great synergy as bowls were originally designed to promote tourism. Nothing packs in the crowds like strippers.

Paul Westerdawg