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Chan Gailey, known across the college football landscape as an innovator without peer the pinnacle of mediocre, feels like he's finally found a way to take Georgia Tech out of 7 win purgatory. What's his secret? Is it a new weight training program? Is it a revolutionary team building retreat? Is it learning from the best offensive minds in the country?

No. Gailey has turned to a Chiropractor turned Yoga instructor and his business partner a strip club owner turned pro wrestler turned Yoga Guru named Diamond Dallas Page to unlock Tech potential. The Atlanta Journal tips us off.

Frankly, Tech would've been better served bringing Sesame Street's "The Count" in to lead seminars on counting to Four. At least a visit from The Count wouldn't have involved such classic motivational bulletin board lines as...."Do you own Notre Dame or what? and "I know you're going to kick Notre Dame's ass!" As if Reggie Ball vs. Brady Quinn wasn't problem enough for the Yellow Jackets. Now they're making sure the Irish don't take them lightly.
"Hey, guys, Notre Dame's not doing this," the Yoga Doc declares. kidding Doc.