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Robert Brooks, chairman of the Hooters restaurant chain, was found dead in his home yesterday. While we can’t say that we know Mr. Brooks personally, it’s safe to say many good college football fans will shed a tear in their beer for him. Who among us can say they’ve not indulged in the extra-gratuitous use of a Saturday to: 1) consume copious amounts of alcohol and buffalo wings, while 2) taking in unhealthy amounts of college football, while 3) ogling at underdressed women?

Yep, us too.

And Every Day Should Be Saturday is nothing if not irreverent… and since neither PWD, nor SMQ, nor myself care to catch a flogging from Orson when he returns, we won’t pass this opportunity to provide the loyal readership with a photo of all that Mr. Brooks came to represent.

We salute you, Robert Brooks.