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Montae Pitts, hit up for ridin' and schwervin' with a .14 BAC in Tuskegee, enters Auburn singlehandedly further into the Fulmer Cup with a DUI charge. Pitts could boast of already having a turbulent career at Auburn, having been benched after drawing flies at corner for almost two years. Pitts, who may be off the team now, does have a default plan, though:

The arrest is the latest chapter in a bumpy college career for Pitts, who grew up in Loachapoka, just a few miles from the Auburn campus and Tuskegee.

Pitts struggled to adjust to college life, briefly leaving the team in 2002 to pursue a career as a rap artist.

Cuddles Swindle taunted us with tales of Pitts' rap group during his time on the Plains. The group hailed as a mass from Loachapoka, a town of seventeen people just outside of Auburn reborn as a nest of budding rappers in their lingo as "the dirty L." They allegedly sold tapes on campus, which we'd happily pay up to the sum of 7 dollars for, provided it came with whatever original magical cover art adorned it.

2 points for Auburn, who's got loads of catch-up to do here if they even want to make a blip in the race for the Fulmer Cup.

Pitts will await the paperwork for his rap deal at this PO in the Dirty L.