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There's average, garden-variety getting arrested...and then there's getting arrested in Tampa! The temptation for awarding extra Fulmer Cup points to USF quarterback Carlton Hill for getting arrested in the home of death metal, Hooters, and Guavaween is strong; Tampa is the place where thirty percent of C.O.P.S. episodes are filmed, chocked full of shirtless rednecks, tipsy drivers wearing 1991's finest fashions, and women fighting women sloppily.

Hill, a quarterback at USF, does live there, though--if you can't get arrested at home, where can you get pinched?--so the extra points stay in the bag. Hill was arrested with two former USF football players for marijuana possession at a dorm at USF. For anyone who ever smoked pot in a dorm room, you know this had to be the out-of-hand, Raid-Fogger type of smoking session, since USF police made the arrest, likely called by an alarmed neighbor watching billowing clouds of smoke roll out of Hill's room.

OMG! His room's on fire! Call the fire department!

A single point for misdemeanor possession goes to the upstart Bulls.