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We cater to short attention spans. Rather than shoehorn an entire 38 minute interview into a single podcast, we bring you part one of our lengthy discussion with Bruce Feldman, writer for ESPN magazine and pro blogger extraordinaire.

The EDSBS Podcast: Bruce Feldman, Part One.

We recorded this a few weeks ago, but it's all still current, save for the Ghana/Czechoslovakia update we give you in the intro. In part one we discuss Rich Rodriguez's allure to other coaches, how much of a badass Patrick Willis truly is, and the fact that all possible texts ever written are contained within the Caddyshack script.

If you like to dance around like an idiot in public with odd white earbuds in your noggin, we're up on ITunes, as well.

Bruce agrees that Patrick Willis is a complete badass. He's seen here putting his skull through someone's sternum.