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Tell 'em about it, Joe-Joe: Ed loves his Hummer, and you need a Hummer. Watch this or face certain doom, for it is the Ed Orgeron Hummer Ad:

We dug this out of the archives since several readers had sent it to us last fall, but frankly waiting this long has only made the ad sweeter. A few notes on why this ad has it all:

--The Casio Cletus soundtrack. There's synthtar. There's a hillbilly piano roll. There's snare 1 and the high hat clanking along like the soundtrack to Nintendo's 1985 classic "WHOREHOUSE CHAMPION OF GAMBLERS"(Japan only.) There's fifteen dollars of sonic gold rolling through your ears--you're welcome.

--Coach O. Not only can you stare directly at him without being turned to stone or bursting into flame (note that Joe-Joe does NOT appear in the same frame with him for safety reasons), but you can watch as Coach O turns out to be a pretty solid and enthusiastic pitchman. He's just impressive to watch, since he even points like he's about to hit someone. (Why do we suddenly think we need a hummer...) The sped-up shots of the Orgeron driving over bumps (undoubtedly the writhing, nearly dead bodies of his foes) are great, especially at the end when he lets out just a little maniacal laugh as the Hummer effortlessly crushes the skull of an effigy of Sly Croom.

--"Big, tough, aggressive, and it represents everything we want at Ole Miss." He wants an impressive machine that runs out of gas at the worst times? There's already a program working on that model, and it's located in Blacksburg, Virginia.

****P.S. IF YOU KNOW ABOUT ANY OTHER COACHING COMMERCIALS IN ANY VIDEO MEDIUM, PLEASE EMAIL US. Seriously, we'll drive to your house and get the grotty VHS tape out of your hands to get them. In particular, if anyone out there has an Urban Meyer commercial we'll beg for them. His line reading is just a degree south of Bob Hope's at 97. He looks like a hostage reading a confession: "I'm so happy to be working with Simpson Jewelers...and am also an agent of the Mossad." Oh, and any Tommy Tuberville commercial involving Kroger. We've heard legends told about these that need visual verification.