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Rumors swirl around Florida CB Avery Atkins--he's off Florida's team, he's wanted, warrants have been sworn out for his arrest--but here's what we know right now:

1. Atkins is still on the team. He missed portions of spring practice to deal with "family issues," which could mean anything you want them to. For our part, we'll start the rumor that "family issues" meant Atkins was in fact a werewolf, and was seeking out the assistance of a powerful voodoo priestess that lived in the swamps of Volusia county during his time away from the team.

2. No warrants have been sworn out for him in Volusia County. We know this because we called the Warrants Department of Daytona Beach and asked. (Really. It's amazing what happens when you call people. Sometimes, they talk to you.) So if he did anything wrong, as message boards and one Rivals pay site are hinting very strongly at, then it a.) didn't happen in Daytona, and b.) it's not on the books yet. (NB: the Alachua County Sheriff's Department will not give out information re: warrants over the phone.)

3. Avery's 19 and has a wife of the licensed, legally obligated variety and a kid, which can't be easy.

3. Losing Avery would suck, suck, suck for the secondary, and turn the puddleish depth we've got already into a meniscus of young corners in need of instant savvy.

Avery Atkins, rumor magnet.