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Stewart's suspicious of LSU in the SEC West. We broke Michael's heart on the battlefield by admitting that they were in the lead, but suddenly we're so unsure, especially with Auburn's rock-solid schemes and the machine-like thing Tuberville's got going on. They've been in on five of the last six SEC West championships, and nothing changed except the introduction of Will Muschamp at DC, which is an upgrade no matter how you look at it.

(Muschamp reanimated the once-shoddy LSU D into the killing monster of the 2001 defense, whose only loss came to the Gators in one of those strange games that bought [NAME REDACTED] three lucky years breathing as the head coach of Florida. Opponents of Auburn '06, just throw streak patterns to your tailback down the middle and you should be fine.)

Suddenly, we're unsure...especially when we look at Les' hat. That thing makes puppies cry.

Is that the chapeau of a champion? Stewart doesn't think so.