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In this week's installment of the EDSBS podcast, we tackle the reeking, swampy heart of southern football, the region properly called "the Dirty South:" Mississippi, Alabama, and Lousiana. (Georgia, you will get your own dedicated show, since the ever-proliferating Georgia blogosphere deserves its own show. Plus, if we give you your own segment, this may lead to free alcohol being purchased for us in close proximity to our residence, which we'll ask for shamelessly.)

David Banner says our podcast gets down on the flo', on the flo'.

We got so much good material on the region we had to drip the thing out into two easy-to-digest pieces. The first 20 minutish segment features Paul Finebaum talking to us about Miss State, Auburn, and whether or not Mike Shula will eventually follow his brother David into the steakhouse business. You may listen by clicking the link below:

EDSBS Podcast 3: Finebaum on Bama, Auburn, Miss. State, and UAB.

The second part will be posted next week, a pair of enlightening conversations with Chris Lawrence (who denies the rumor that Ed Orgeron sports a pair of taloned wings from his back) and with Ro Patel of (who tells us what kind of ladies he likes.)