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Yee-haw! On the heels of Bruce Feldman proclaiming the Lone Star State as college football's pre-eminent kingdom, we take a spell to sit with John Lopez of the Houston Chronicle, a blogger in his own right who covers Texas football with us all the way from Houston to El Paso. The cell phone dumps us twice along the way, but fortunately Stranko is there in the gaps to assist, catching us up on his offseason travels, what he loves about Texas, and debating if there's enough room in the Mustache Wednesday Hall of Fame for both Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck. (You'll also hear Stranko Mark Two in the background--we consider him adjunct staff.)

Click here to listen for now. The podcast feed will be up tomorrow. At about 40 minutes, you may want to break it up, or just bounce to the Mike Jones while you work. Four fours. Four fours. Four fours. Four fours.

Stranko: missed Brangelina in Namibia.