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Fred Rouse continues his ongoing "my life as performance art" bit by getting arrested in Leon County for burglary of dwelling while unarmed with no assault or battery, drug possession of a controlled substance without prescription, and grand theft. (HT: The Wiz.) Prior to his career as an urban prospector, Rouse's on-sidelines, on-camera row with Florida State coaches summed up his brief career as a Seminole, excepting his trashing of Bobby Bowden following the 34-7 collapse to the Gators in the Swamp. (This almost made us like him. Almost.) Rouse then got the boot from Tallahassee, a feat accomplished by few since Randy Moss shot a nun in the face in the middle of campus and laughed about it while shooting cocaine into his eyeball to earn his exit. *

Rouse roused to robbery.

Scout had this to say about pre-felony Rouse:

Rouse could be the top receiver from the state of Florida over the past few seasons. The bottom line is that Fred Rouse is a difference maker and a potential franchise player at the receiver position.

Yep. So much for that .

* Moss did not do this. The victim in fact was former FSU coach Brad Scott, and Moss celebrated by having a teammate shoot yopo into his nose with a blowgun.