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Part two of Gamespot's interview with Larry Richart and Anthony White is up, and it's more jaw-droppingly tempting than Part one. Sirloin quote:

With that in mind, we have created some new shotgun QB slot option plays out of multiple formations where the slot receiver can be motioned into the backfield opposite the halfback, and then will become the pitch man for the QB on the option. We have also created some option passes out of these same formations to keep the defense on their toes. We have also created several new pass routes for the receivers that are spread throughout several formations. These routes include post stops, corner stops, sluggos (slant and go's), shallow crosses, and some new double-move routes like shake routes.

Build your golden calf now, before supplies run out. Richart also cops to being a Spurrierphile of the highest degree, which should surprise exactly no one. Around halfway through it turns to a pretty decent and knowledgeable discussion of college football in general, which seems to be the secret behind EA's success in creating sports games: they let fans make them.

Now if we could just get that double reverse pass to the QB to work against Michigan...

We'll spend much of the offseason trying to make the 2003 Outback Bowl right.