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Thanks to Joey, we now know that the New York City Beard and Mustache Championships are going on, and that they are mighty. In the words of the Gothamist, the crowd in attendance looked like "a ZZ Top Fan Convention," which sounds like a superb party given the ladies in tube dresses from the "Gimme All Your Lovin'" video show up in the red 1933 roadster with the sweet keychain.

There are scads and scads of worthy testosterone stripes on display on the Flickr samplers, but we've chosen this guy. Why? Maybe it's the devil-may-care attitude he displays, or the retro sensibility betrayed by the Captain America headband. Perhaps it's his resemblance to the scuzzy older redneck your cousin brought once to the family reunion. Either way, something in this gentleman's collision of Snidely Whiplash 'stache and outfit screams trade school dropout to us. And that, in its own, REO Speedwagon-accented, ren-fair lovin' way, is cool.

Coming to a local SCA meeting near you.