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It's a breathtaking, heart-stopping time of year when college football coaches rush out of their offices to do things like play in charity golf tournaments, film horrible commercials for local businesses, and tour the state giving the same speech to rooms full of alternately awed/testy alumni.

In Oklahoma they're squarely in the middle of the sleepy season, which Bob Stoops livened up by taking a spin with the Blue Angels. Despite blacking out during the flight due to the G-Forces, Stoops didn't lose the club sandwich he'd tossed down his gullet just a few hours prior.

"I didn't have any problems, but I didn't think I would. I haven't had any trouble with my stomach over the years," Stoops said. "I ate a club sandwich a couple hours before we went up."

When you whip out the blockquote tag about Stoops eating a club sandwich and then whipping around in a trainer for a half-hour, you know it's the offseason. We searched for video but couldn't find any, so this will have to suffice if you're just craving a little Blue Angel action. (Safe for work, since we're referring to the actual USAF Blue Angels, not the act of lighting a fart in front of an audience.)

Other coaches are sure to want to try this, though some may have to supersize their flying experience to accomodate their authoritative physiques. For instance, we're sure a C-5 Galaxy would suit Phil Fulmer just fine.

Like Phil, capable of holding vast amounts of cargo loaded just under the nose.