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Chauncey Washington's miraculous ascension from a struggling student to 3.8 GPA savant at USC may or may not have something to do with a renewed interest in academics...but for the moment, we'll assume that he just got fascinated with his schoolwork for some reason. Or, if he was taking women's studies classes with Dr. Diana York Blaine, two very specific reasons:

Random crowd shot from the Sears 400 at Talladega? Nope. That is Dr. Blaine herself, a women's studies professor at USC and a self-described "adventurer" whose topless photos of herself raised some eyebrows when students found them on her private site this week. She's gotten quite a bit of pub over the deal, including some light scrutiny from the Trojan admins and the honor of being told she has "National Geographic breasts" by anonymous commenters.

This really should not be a big deal, since academics have been going topless in public for years. (HT: Bill.)

Dr. Michael J. Fay, seen here topless. If you're going to do a Megatransect, at least have the decency to wear a shirt, sir!