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Give it to Marshall--champions win games when they're on the line. And despite being miles down in the Fulmer Cup standings to the Insane Clown Posse that is the Delaware Blue Hens (hard to beat home invasion/armed robbery/steroids combo,) Marshall keeps plugging along with their three yards and a cloud of misdemeanors strategy of winning the Fulmer Cup. In this case, the offending player is senior defensive lineman Adrian Davis, and thanks to our crack sources the news steams so fresh from the wire that we don't even have a clue what he was actually arrested for. Though points are pending, we know this much for sure: after a hyperactive week in the scoring, the Fulmer Cup scoreboard needs an update like baddddd. (HT: Devil Grad)

And that's before factoring in whether any USC Trojans were the "20-stone men" from a certain USC fan's posse flipping around bobbies "like pillows" in Heathrow yesterday.

"This is how it goes down in LA."