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Predictably this whole thing gets fishier and fishier...Logan Young, the Alabama booster found dead in his "blood-soaked" home, may have been the victim of "an accident," according to Memphis police who are backing off labeling Young's death a homicide despite allegedly identifying the body with dental records due to the damage to Young's body.

What sort of an accident could leave a man dead and his house covered with blood? Besides running downstairs while juggling chainsaws drunk? Anonymous reader #1 speculates:

i think he startled his pet ninja, which was asleep in the liquor cabinet, and the ninja totally flipped out on him and cut his head off. technically if your pet kills you because you startled it, that qualifies as an accident.

We mean this will all reverence for the dead: if anyone would have had a pet ninja in their liquor cabinet, it would have been Logan Young. (Ninja stories seem to be in the water lately...and no, for the record, the "Pirates and Ninjas" party took lace at UGA, not Georgia Tech. Ninjas are sooooo '93.)

Ninjas: could explain a lot.