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We've got to crank up our "All-Name Team" again, if only because Virginia Tech's got a potentially legendary candidate for the contest: Running Back Macho Harris. Pregunta: Quien es Macho? Repuesta: Virginia Tech es Macho. The only downside of this whole new era of Macho at Virginia Tech could be the use of the song "Macho Man" by the Village People at Hokie home games, which would only be palatable if they chose the Mickey Mouse Disco version sung by Donald Duck. (Fighting off mind's eye-scarring image of Village People and Donald Duck in San Francisco bathhouse ca. 1979...Donald doing poppers with the Indian...must not see...)

Disney Disco. The back cover had Mickey fisting Halston and Goofy snorting rails off Bianca Jagger's ass with Truman Capote.

Tech looks like it'll be throttling down the offense in a position-shuffling spring now that New Mexico has thugged his way off the team and left the Hokies with a wealth of inexperience at the qb position. The line's a shuffle, too, so Beamer will roll back the Hokies' attack to their normal, plodding placeholder of an attack and let the run, d, and special teams shoulder the load, which means you can take Tech's games and place them right back in the paint-drying category of watchability.