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Sportsbiz Blog pulls a classic blogger's dodge: summarizing and then expanding on premium content to make it more interesting.(Bravo! People do it all the time.) The article in question? A Wall Street Journal article on university athletic departments raising funds with special venture capital funds. The big winner? One of the pioneers, Stanford, whose initial $100K in 1982 has ballooned to an $85 million dollar zeppelin of fundage for their athletics program. So in case you wondered how they managed to be successful, even with Ty Willingham as head coach, well, thank the market and the good fortune to have a bushel of Google stock just hanging around.

This has to beat Miami's "South American Pharmaceutical Futures" investment strategy of the 1980s, which while initially very, very lucrative, had significant drawbacks as a long-term investment...

Former AD Montana had to be..."forcibly removed" from his post.