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Fulmer Cup points are under review for tOSU, but style points are undeniably in order for the Buckeyes here: Jim Tressel has decided to allow a player convicted of fifth degree drug trafficking back on the team. His name: Jonathan Skeete.

We pause and let Lil Jon comment for us.


There's sooooooo many good things about this story. Tressel. Weed. Skeete. Did we mention Skeete? AND TRESSEL? Coming on the heels of Paul finding a player named Lucious Pusey, we really can't begin to tell you how happy we are right now. Skeete's a kicker, so imagine the call:

"OSU lines up at the 23 to kick against Eastern Illinois. Skeete jets out onto the field. The kick spurts up and...IT'S BLOCKED! Pusey slides in and recovers, and Skeete's all over him down the sidelines...Skeete shoots through and annihilates Pusey! He stripped Pusey! Skeete breaks a tackle and goes down the sideline...Skeete....Skeeete... YEAHHHH!!!!"

Big HT to Trent for the most giggle-inducing story of the offseason yet.