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Apologies are due: we'll have the Finebaum interview up tomorrow. We recorded the thing using the finest arrangement we could jerry-rig pre-coffee on Friday morning: a computer mike recording on Audacity the conversation we had with Finebaum via a cell phone set on speaker. This, by the way, is exactly the result you would get if you entered data into a Cray supercomputer equalling "idiot's way of recording a phone conversation with a computer" and hit RUN.

The interference from the cell phone showed up on the tape, a continual BIP-BIP-BIP that makes the whole thing sound as if we're conversing with Finebaum via a Bahraini satellite phone. Short of sending it to the NSA for decoding, there was no way we could fit in a full weekend of tomfoolery, the Oscars, and playing our bargain basement copy of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory AND transcribe the whole thing with any degree of accuracy. And since Finebaum's only considered a clear and present danger at the state level (of Alabama, that is,) we couldn't talk the good people at Fort Meade into it, leaving us to do the whole thing.

So blame Sam Fisher for the delay...if you dare.

Knocking bitches out in thermal vision=interview delayed. Apologies.