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Really, we don't want to keep awarding them cheap points, but if UGA's driving woes--be they in the form of driving on suspended licenses, speeding, or other variants of not having your shit together behind the wheel--then they'll nickel and dime their way into the lead for the Fulmer Cup before the end of May. Mumbles on the Georgia board indicate that Coach Mark Richt, the last guy we thought would be in a hurry to go anywhere, was ticketed in Arcade, GA for going 62 in a 45. While Arcade is a notorious speed trap, we might have to award a single point for this because of the running gag that is Georgia's program-wide problem with driving legally. The only social subgroups we can think of that have more problems with getting behind the wheel in an organized fashion are:

1. Old people.

2. Rappers.

3. Country singers named "Glen Campbell."

Fulmer Cup score: deliberating on a single point, pending verification of story and a thorough debate on the validity of the points.

Attended the "UGA School of Safe Driving," evidently.