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Okay, real world demands calling here, but a quick note about today's NCAA APR ratings: they look fucked up to us. To say with a little more class: it appears a statistical rule leaving several prominent programs, including BCS schools, was constructed so that a generous jiggering of the numbers would take schools not making the grade and--poof!--vault them over the line.

Here, let's adjust this squad-size thingy...and up and over you go!

Reader DevilGrad's been all over this one in his other life as a commenter on Miami Hawk Talk--check out this thread for a good quick read-through at just a few of the numerical curiosities of the report.

One question, though: where's the SEC here? Cheating like crazed gremlins to escape the APR? Following the Fulmer "Urban Studies" route by railroading its players through laughably easy classes? Inundating the NCAA's offices with bags of unmarked bills and pics of shameless, toned coeds? (And if so, why is Arizona State in trouble here? They're the experts in this department.)

These numbers remind us of something...can't put our finger on it...hmm...

Take a look at the user-unfriendly APR display on the NCAA's website, which allows you to look up individual schools but denies you the opportunity to actually see them compared on a single sheet. Not by design, right? No, of course not...