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In our favorite story of the offseason thus far--TURDGATE!!!--another shocking development: Ian Smith, the allegedly 21-year old UGA backup offensive lineman who fell asleep drunk on the toilet at an Athens restaurant, turns out to be just that: allegedly 21. Smith already had a public intoxication charge, and may now add giving false information and underage possession charge on top of that since Smith is actually 21 minus 2. Smith went from being full of shit to standing neck deep in it. (Whole offseason worth that sentence alone.)

Fulmer Cup scoring as follows:

Underage possession: 1 point.
Lying to cop: 1 point.
Police prodding you with nightstick as you slumber drunkenly on a toilet after passing O-ring destroying, eye-bulging turbo dump: 1 point (style counts.)
Second arrest: 1 point (A second arrest has to count for something, right?)

Total points awarded: 4. Appeals may be filed below.

The official universal logo of TURDGATE '06, courtesy of Georgia Sports, who's squatting on this story like a pro.