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Mitten-dwellers should be rejoicing in their ice-fishing huts if there's any voracity to the rumor that Jon Tenuta could be coming from Georgia Tech to Ann Arbor to coach their defense. Tenuta's defenses are consistently top twenty in all categories, but what Wolverine fans might like in the wake of the Jim Herrmann "Depends All-Game Prevent" D is Tenuta's unbridled aggression throughout the game, bringing pressure so frequently that the changeup of a cover 2 zone comes as a shock to swivel-headed qbs.

Previously, we had a picture of another coach in a farting position here. We've since replaced it with a headshot of the real Jon Tenuta, who could be cheezin' one for all we can tell from this pic.

The safeties get the lion's share of the glory blitzes in his scheme, but they should, since they're the ones who also get to half-heartedly trail a wide open wideout sprinting towards the endzone off a hot read once a game. You take, you give, and sometimes in Tenuta's scheme that give is six the other way fast. It also sometimes results in crippling turnovers for the other team, or just plain crippling on the part of qbs taking shots from linebackers. Either way it's fun to watch and yields good results, and can get you to 7-5 with even a mediocre, mincing, five-play offense coordinated by a man who freebases Metamucil in between calls.