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Yeah, it's up at ND Nation, but it's hard not to dropjaw at something like this:

For those who haven't been following this case, that's Chicago-area Rev. Daniel McCormack, accused of two counts of sexual assault against two boys, exiting the courtroom in a Notre Dame sweatshirt. Chicago area alumni: buy this man a Stanford shirt, or see if you can FedEx a Michigan jersey to Saddam Hussein pronto. This is almost as bad as K-Fed wearing your team's colors, or worse yet, name-checking you in a "rap." Popozao!

And why do accused pedophiles--of all stripes and creeds--always appear disheveled at trials and hearings? Like they just rolled out of the dust filter of someone's vacuum cleaner? If we haven't learned anything from The Conscience of a Nation's constant viewing of What Not To Wear, it's that appearances count. Oh, and that every woman needs a pointy shoe, a boot cut pant, and a jacket tailored to accentuate the waist, all of which would have served the accused Rev. better than an old sweatshirt in front of a judge.

This could lead us to a new feature, though: SKETCHY CHARACTERS SEEN IN YOUR ALMA MATER'S GEAR. No photoshopping allowed. Florida's contributions could get ugleeee...let's hope screencaps from C.O.P.S.: Tampa don't count, 'cause if they do, we're running up out of here with this bitch before it even starts.

NB: Please don't even attempt to post a "you're obviously anti-Catholic" comment here. We grew up in the Church of Rome in the fundy South, which was kind of like being Jewish anywhere, so save it for the MSU fans who come running with the lollipops and caftan jokes.