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The OnePeat and Three Peat Billboard wars reach a new fever pitch: Kevin Robl, a self-described "successful fatcat alumnus" of USC, is allegedly throwing down a gauntlet full of cash to put up something like this billboard in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Boudreau, get me some kerosene and a!

Yay: he claims they'll be cash for Katrina relief along with the cash earmarked for the sign. A boo for unwise, regionally-unaware taunting in the final bit of his blog entry:

You want to play, you despicable pack of lunatics? Well, bring it on! You are no match for the Trojan family.

This will all end in tears, or at least the sight of a flaming billboard and airboats and jacked-up trucks on lift kits fleeing a scene of mayhem in downtown Baton Rouge. Is it really that great an idea to taunt a Cajun? We know a few, and they're the kind of people who build separate houses away from the main home on their property designed specifically for "drinking and smoking meat." The same Cajun told us stories of how her daddy used to catch those mutant thirty pound catfish and nail them to trees to clean them. "They make a screaming noise when you do that to 'em," she said. They hunt alligators and play the accordion without irony. Hard people, man. Hard.

Haven't they listened to Warrant's "Uncle Tom's Cabin?" You know who put the bodies in the wishing well? A badass Cajun, that's who. Again, we say this ends in tears and Heismanpundit calling us in fear for his life running pantsless down a misty, nameless road just north of Lafayette.