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Again, courtesy of reader Comanda, an update on the Garret Bushong "We run this place" Purdue story:

The Exponent--now firmly in the lead for dorkiest name in all of college football newspaperdom--reports today that Bushong's letter got such a nasty response on campus it has elicited a formal apology, co-written by Bushong with Associate AD Jay Cooperider. An excerpt:

My thoughts published in the Jan. 23 edition of the Exponent have set off a reaction that I could not have predicted and really regret...When I wrote the letter, I was trying to communicate directly to other football players and other student-athletes who feel as I do...I overreacted by writing the letter, and I am sorry.

Joe Tiller responded, too, saying that "The wholesome stuff that we do is boring to you guys," Tiller said. "But that is life."

Patently untrue! We find the wholesome stuff just as fascinating. For example: today, our sources reported that University of Florida offensive lineman Jim Tartt awoke early and headed for the weight room, stopping by the student cafeteria for a balanced but hearty breakfast of whole wheat toast, a four egg-white omelet, and a glass of orange juice. Tartt thought about grabbing a cherry danish, reached for it, and then recoiled when he thought of the negative physiological effects of long-term simple sugar consumption could have on his system. He then finished his meal, nary spilling a drop of his food and eating with what witnesses dubbed "impeccable, awe-inspiring table manners." As he entered the weight room, he held the door open for teammate Jemalle Cornelius, who thanked him cordially as he exited the facility with a smile. Courtesy, manners, and decorum were clearly the order of the day for Gator football this morning.

See? Wasn't that just as interesting? Who says we don't report the good stuff?

Jim Tartt: playa got manners like WHOA.