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University and strip clubs...and Gary Barnett is NOT involved? Strippers evidently played a part in the recruiting routine of the short-lived Buddy Teevens reign at Stanford, according to CNNSI and the San Jose Mercury News. As side-splittingly funny as the idea of Stanford recruits looking for a strip club is, funnier still is how the whole story broke: assistants sought university reimbursement with receipts from the New Century Theater in San Francisco. (The intro link is SFW; all other pages are not, but it being a San Francisco strip club, we're sure all freaks are treated in a non-threatening, caring, womyn-centric way.)

Why do we imagine this looked a lot like the climactic scene in Requiem For a Dream: sweaty football nerds clumsily throwing money at disadvantaged and very bored naked women? Even if Fred Smoot's test scores kept him from being involved, did they hire him as a consultant?

Stanford took recruits to a Bay Area strip club and no, not one where this guy works.