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Bruce Gradkowski went apeshit for the Toledo Rockets in the GMAC Bowl, throwing five touchdowns in a 45-13 smiting of the UTEP Miners. As predicted, the broadcast featured many shots of the U.S.S. Alabama, including a pregame teaser featuring Holly Rowe standing next to the battleship--prompt your own Carnie Wilson standing next to Grand Canyon in the "Hold On" video joke here, since we know they're coming. Let us also head everyone off at the pass by saying that in the Consequence-free Arena of Potential Sex™ (CAPS), we're betting Holly could slam pink parts with gusto, which explains our growing crush on the spunky, chunky sideliner despite her bedeviled hair. (Holly seems to get the worst draw on the weather/hair care product matchups. Perhaps she should go the Leslie Visser route and wear silly hats? )

Our reader Devil Grad sums up the Toledo victory better than we can:

When Mike Price said "it's rollin' baby!," I don't what he had in mind was Tom Amstutz coming across the field for the post-game handshake.

Heck, I'm a MAC fan, and I ditched that game to go finish up my Christmas shopping.

Our sentiments exactly. And now, a picture of Tom Anstutz and friend: rollin', baby.