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P.J. Daniels both earns our respect and provides a superb example of how to flex P.R. muscle in this excerpt from Mark Bradley's piece in today's AJC :

During a media gathering Wednesday, publicist Mike Stamus — acting as the interviewer in Tech’s satellite feed package — asked tailback P.J. Daniels what he thought when he learned the Jackets were bound for the Emerald Bowl.

Said Daniels: “We got screwed.”

Said Stamus, turning to his cameraman: “We won’t use that part.”

Good decision, Mike.

P.S. This comes from the AJC's "Blogs" section, which is just the print column posted under a banner that says "blogs"--which makes it a blog! We'll be wearing a shirt that says "RICH, AND MIND-BOGGLINGLY HUNG" in hopes of performing the same feat the AJC's accomplished here.