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It's a neck-and-neck race with Athletics Nation and Blue-Gray Sky for the Weblog Awards "Best Sports Blog." Oh, who cares?, say you the busy voter. Why should I give a shit about who wins some dorkass internet award? Well, ask yourself these questions before you give up on America, dear reader:

--Are you ready to let a blog covering a sport derived from an English girls' game win the award?

--Are you going to sit idly by and not endorse the prime-cut American values and totems Blue-Gray Sky embodies: drinking, vindictive rivalry, black leprechauns, and an obsession with sports so unhealthy it stunts careers, relationships, and lifespan? And mysteriously hot, guilt-ridden but lusty Midwestern farmgirls? Maybe you don't believe in all those things, but we here at EDSBS do--especially the whole lusty farmgirl thing.

--Are you going to defy the will of T.R. himself, who would have wanted you to vote for Blue-Gray Sky to save Cuba from the Spanish Menace?

For your country, reader. For the Ol' Bull Moose himself. Carry that big stick over here and make your voice heard--or risk handing the award to a sport where the hardest hit in recent years came from the hand of Tawny Kitaen.

He didn't charge up San Juan Hill to see a blog about baseball win best award. Fight the Spanish where it counts--vote Blue-Gray Sky! And work on expanding that puny chest of yours! Bully!