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We have a few probing--heh, we said probe--questions about this report put out by Richard Lapchick saying 41 percent of bowl-attending schools don't meet the NCAA's APR.

1. We'd love to get our snark on about this, but when the average graduation rate of the entire national student body six years out from their entry date is just 54 percent, how the hell can the NCAA hold student athletes to a different standard? The article cites the "below 50 percent graduation rate," but after tallying up early departures to the NFL and dropout, how far behind are athletes than the rest of the population?

2. Where is the text of the report? We can't find shit about it on the NCAA's website, which is just about as helpful as the customer service department of your local cable company's.

3. How did the SEC do?

4. What's up with the Pac-10's five bowl schools all failing to meet APR?

If the Pac-10 performed so dismally, how did we in Gump country fare?