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1. Texas. Still number one.

2. USC. Shouldn't this game have been easier for them? Without Reggie Bush's out of this world performance they might have been an upset special.

Bush saved the Trojan's season for the second time this week.

3. LSU. What could have been for them this season but for an inexplicable collapse against the Vols... who have now lost to Vandy at home.

4. Penn State. Joe is getting serious about trying to get back in the chase with Senior Bowden for the all time win lead.

5. Notre Dame. We think they took Syracuse lightly, which is understandable since they suck so bad.

6. Virginia Tech. Did they watch Miami v Tech this week and wonder how the hell they lost so badly to these guys.

7. Ohio State. That was one hell of a game.

8. Auburn. By the end of this season, they might just be the best team in the SEC.

9. Oregon. They are back to taking care of business.

10. UCLA. Next week against the Trojans should be one hell of an offensive show.

11. Georgia. They are starting to make a habit out of playing in the SEC championship game.

12. Miami. Wtf????

13. Alabama. Heartbreaking overtime loss to LSU. They have never recovered from Prothro's injury which is probably a reflection of the remnants of probation.

14. West Virginia. Odds on favorite to make a BCS bowl out of the Big East... Wasn't Louisville supposed to dominate this conference??

15. Fresno State. They played their hearts out and were the better overall team last week.... but Bush was the best player by far and they had no answer for him.

16. TCU.

17. Louisville.

18. Florida. The season for Meyer comes down to one game. If he loses to FSU, watch out.

19. Boston College.

20. Florida State. He's got his Depends, and he's ready to coach the Noles in the Swamp this week. The only question is whether the Depends will be dry by the end of the game or not.

21. Texas Tech: They finally beat a team that qualifies as half-way decent.

22. Wisconsin. Wisconsin stays here out of respect for the lifetime acheivement of Alvarez.

23. Georgia Tech: Does any team have a better tandem of wins on the season?

24. UCF. At this point we're taking suggestions from the crowd.

25. Michigan. Another year, another choke job against Ohio State.

Under consideration: USF, Iowa State, Clemson, South Carolina and Iowa.