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What's more valuable than gold but just under your nose? What's something that you can't touch but need every single day? What's the one thing you can't put in a ledger or spreadsheet that drvies your bottom line every day?

If you said INSPIRATION, you're right! We all crave it! We all need it! So for your next convention or company retreat, add that special INSPIRATIONTASTICAL™ touch with one of your Florida State football heroes presented by Caveatemptor Productions. They may have made history on Saturdays, but now they're available most weekdays (after 11 a.m.) to share their stories of gridiron triumph and how they relate to your everyday life.

Our available speakers include:

Tamarick Vanover

"Interstate Finance and You: Movin' Shit and Countin' Cheese!"

Vanover, the dynamic kick returner for the Kansas City Chiefs, former CFL great, and FSU attendee shares the secrets of networking and personal interstate entrepreneurship in his seminar "Movin' Shit and Countin' Cheese!" Vanover will talk about his time operating a unique used car business, the importance of cooperating with federal agencies in every day life, and loyalty to your employees.

Chris Rix.

"Rix Picks for Real Estate: Making The Market Work For You!"

The dynamic, charismatic qb is back to tell you about his latest game-winner--the scores you can make in the high-stakes game of real estate! Rix delivers an impassioned three-hour rundown of everything you need to know about licensing, local regulations, and making the right read when it comes down to crunch time with a buyer! Rix will also talk about his faith and how the "privelage" of playing for Bobby Bowden will always stay with him, and how you too can feel "very blessed and believe(s) that God has a great plan for his (your) life-even if it doesn't include the game of football."

(NOTE: Mr. Rix will require his own handicapped parking space--make arrangements accordingly.)

The Bowden Boys

"Hootenanny: Hoedown Throwdown With the Bowden Boys!"

A musical interlude from the first family of the Seminole Nation sure to liven up any dreary office! The Bowden Boys will swing their way through a medley of their classics for your listening pleasure, including:

"Been Caught Stealing," sung by Steve Bowden

"Take This Job and Shove It"/"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Terry Bowden. A special double feature from the ABC commentator and master disciplinarian/recruiter.

"Barely Breathing," a tender rendition of the Duncan Sheik classic by the daredevil Clemson coach Tommy Bowden.

"Incomplete," the Backstreet Boys ballad, gets a new heartstring-tugging treatment we'll bet you've never heard before--the Jeff Bowden version, delivered personally by the current FSU passing game coordinator!

Ernie Sims

"How To Make Love To A Woman, and How to Make It Last!"

Balancing your personal life and work can be a challenge, so let Ernie Sims, ladykiller and All-American linebacker, shows you the secrets of making love to a woman and making it last. Sims takes you through his patented step-by-step method and shows you how to hold a woman--we mean, really, really hold a woman--and let her know that whatever she does, and wherever she goes, you're never, ever, ever going to let her go! "A slamming seminar," says five-time participant and former New Edition member Bobby Brown.