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1. Texas. Texas and USC are fungible, but since USC had that close call with Notre Dame which both demonstrated their resolve and also could be qualified as a bit lucky, Texas retains this position until they falter.

2. USC. Was anyone really nervous about them playing Cal this year? Didn't think so.

3. Miami. On the rise in the blog poll and perhaps on the Billboard charts as well.

4. LSU. As we said with Texas and USC, so too can it be said about Miami and LSU. Both excellent squads that have improved over the season but who are weighed down by what in retrospect is an inexcusable loss.

5. Notre Dame. Nice to see that Weis gets grumpier as the Domers get better. Given their relatively soft schedule this season (save for their USC almost win) they will be an interesting team come bowl time. My prediction is that under the Weis administration, they will typically be a good bowl team as the coaches have such a long time to study film and design a plan to attack one specific team. What coach in college do you think will be better at this?

6. Penn State. Joe Pa can almost taste the BCS bowl... or is that mushed bananas.

7. Alabama. Heartbreaking overtime loss to LSU. They have never recovered from Prothro's injury which is probably a reflection of the remnants of probation.

8. Virginia Tech. I think they are still wondering what hit them in Blacksburg two weeks ago.

9. Ohio State. That defense was flat out nasty against Northwestern.

10. Auburn. What a great coaching job this season by Tubberville. They lost early to Georgia Tech as they were trying to replace their entire back field but since then they've been solid, losing only a close one to LSU.

11. UCLA. Their season now comes down to what they do against USC.

12. Georgia. If only that fumble went one yard more Georgia is sitting back near the top 5. Thems are the breaks.

13. Oregon. With their soft schedule this year, there is no room for error and two close calls in a row that they should have handled easily makes me question them.

14. West Virginia. At this point we enter the moving up by default section of the poll.

15. Fresno State. This is the only mid major team this year that would scare any of the ranked teams.

16. Michigan. They have a chance to piss in Tressels cheerios now and ruin Ohio State's season. What more could a Michigan fan really want.

17. TCU. They keep taking care of business.

18. South Carolina. The evil genius strikes back at the large toothed athletic director who didn't show him the love he wanted.

19. Louisville. Does anything make sense toward the bottom of the poll? No, not really.

20. Florida. Of all the games for Meyer to lose this season, this should not have been one of them if he wanted to keep the critics at bay. Meyer now MUST beat FSU or risk becoming Zook II, the less successful sequel.

21. UTEP. The revenge of Mike Price continues again... thanks to a collapse of so many teams at the bottom of the poll.

22. Florida State. Hanging by a thread. Their upcoming matchup with the Gators certainly doesn't have the meaning that it used to, but it is a must win for Papa Bowden.

23. Wisconsin. At this point, we're not sure anyone deserves to be ranked so we'll keep Wisconsin here out of respect for the lifetime acheivement of Alvarez.

24. UCF. O' Leary is doing his best to keep his name in consideration for coach of the year.

25. Boston College. But this could easily be Virginia or Texas Tech...

Under consideration: Virginia, Texas Tech (what a disasterous loss), USF, Oklahoma, Iowa State and Iowa.