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This game scares the hell out of me and not for all of the right reasons. Sure, a decimated secondary going against a Cock N Fire offense which at times is taking shape is scary. Going up against one of the most spiteful men in the history of modern society who was clearly pissed that Florida's giant-toothed athletic director was going to make him interview for his former job is scary as well. But what scares me most is that in the event that the Gator defense can't recover from all the bruises of the past two weeks and South Carolina wins, what happens if I'm not as devastated as I usually am after a Gator defeat? Would feeling glad for the Head Ball Coach require me to turn in my Orange and Blue gear and make me a traitor? Hopefully I won't have to answer these profound questions and the Gators will take care of business. Please leave any tailgating tips in the comments section below and I look forward to a great college football experience.

This still doesn't look right, does it?