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We dropped the ball and failed to post Solon's Wednesday night special due to heavy drinking and general flake-itude. This week we not only post it, but give you a day to think about joining Solon's unstoppable West Virginia bandwagon.

West Virginia (-14.5) v. CINCINNATI
This game should play out much differently than last week's West Va game, but the end result should be the same. Whereas UConn has a decent D but no O, Cincy has a decent O but no D. The only teams that Cincinnati has played this season with any quality are Penn State and Louisville--Penn St led them 42-10 before giving up 2 TDs in the last 90 seconds, and Louisville defeated them 46-22 in a game that was 39-7 with just over 5 minutes left. Their other results have been mixed, but there is nothing to suggest that they will be able to do anything against the West Va D, which will be one of the two best they have faced (along with Penn State's). On the other side of the ball, West Va should have a breakout day against the Cincy D, which is particularly poor against the pass; if you take out games against 1-AA Western Carolina, a UConn backup QB, and Eastern Michigan, they are giving up 8.84 ypp with a 9:2 ratio. Keep in mind that this slate includes only one elite passing attack (Louisville), and they gave up more than 10 yards/pass against PSU QB Robinson and Syracuse's mediocre attack. West Va does not throw much but they should light it up against this pass D. They should also run the ball and should get the cover as long as they do not get backdoored.

West Virginia should win, but as always, beware the backdoor action.