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We write a post on race at an opportune time, right? On the day we publish the "All-Race Team," MGoBlog exercises the nuclear option on him following his Tubby-come-lately column about the 4 million year contract extension given to Charlie Weis. Whitlock's take? Notre Dame is racist for doing this for the 5-2 Weis, while 8-0 Ty Willingham got nothing close to this kind of love from the admin.

Whitlock does himself no favors by Uncle Tomming a black Notre Dame fan in an emailed response. This earns a second shot from Brian and a wave of fury from ND fans who hijacked Whitlock's ESPN chat this afternoon.

More to follow...

Update! Well, not really. But it is a racially charged story: someone called an Indiana high school player "Nigga" in a game! Because he's black? No, because that's his fucking name. (Via Sports By Brooks)