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Only subtle changes at the top of the poll this week. The most significant loss at the top might be Shockley, which won't really be felt until next week.

Have faith, Gator fans: Georgia's offense might be as bad as yours next week.

1. Texas. Vince Young and Company proved that Texas isn't big enough for two top ten teams. Tech looked pretty good at the start of the game, but the Longhorns imposed their will on them by the second quarter. There is still not a huge differential among the top three, but Texas has looked the best overall so far. That said, I hope they get screwed at the end by the BCS both because it has the potential to be the biggest scandal for the BCS and it would be a nice bit of Karma for Mack Brown after last years whining.

2. USC. The struggled for about 10 minutes before Pete Carroll realized who was coaching Washington. After that, the game was about as close as would have been expected.

3. Virginia Tech. They struggled for three quarters before finally stepping it up. Marcus Mexico showed some of his running skills in this game, which would make them a potent opponent for either of the teams above them.

4. Georgia. They looked like a top five team until Shockley went down, potentially taking Georgia's longshot championship dreams with him. After that, they struggled mightily against a bad, but improving Arkansas team. They would have dropped, but for Alabama's struggles.

5. Alabama: It is starting to look like Prothro really was that important to their offense. They look extremely vulnerable now.

6. UCLA: Amazingly, they didn't need a fourth quarter comeback this time. They are primed to jump both SEC foes in front of them.

7. Miami. Hurrican Delay.

8. Notre Dame. Brady Quinn and the Irish offense is still clicking.

9. LSU. Next to USC, they seem to have the most NFL talent on both sides of the ball. Alabama better watch out... of course Russell could always throw 5 picks against them to give away a game.

10. Penn State: I thought the loss of Williams would really slow down their offense. But I didn't count on the Zooker.

11. Florida State. Well, they are better than the Blue Devils, for whatever that is worth.

12. Ohio State. They looked impressive against a suprising Indiana team.

13. Auburn: Close loss at night in Baton Rouge showed that the Tigers are a quality, but unspectacular team this year.

14. Boston College. Idle.

15. Oregon: They keep chalking up the Ws, but this was closer than they would have liked against a weak Arizona squad. By the way, is there any chance that some day in the future Ed Orgeron will coach at Oregon? I know it is juvenile, but that would just tickle me.

Orgie practicing his Duck quack

16. Texas Tech. Got their asses kicked, but it was by our number 1 team. So we are still left wondering how good this team is... or isn't.

17. Wisconsin. This could have easily been Minnesota here but for that crazy finish.

18. Florida: They had their usual amount of long touchdown drives this week against a tough bye squad.

19: West Virginia: Hurricane delayed.

20: Northwestern: Man can they score points. They are one of the most entertaining surprises of the season.

21. TCU: The slow rise of TCU continues.

22: Fresno State: Their only loss was to Oregon, which doesn't look so bad anymore.

23: Minnesota: That loss was pretty flukey so they'll hang around for another week.

24: Louisville: Back in the top 25 by default.

25. Tennessee/Michigan: They are the same disappointing team in my mind. Not sure how we can distinguish them at this point.

Under consideration:

Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Rutgers, Cal, and Idaho.