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The fertile, still-untilled soil of online college football commentary has already made a few grand contributions to the English language this year. Examples:

1. QEDMF. Quod erat demonstrandum, motherfucker. Used to conclude an argument that is beyond rational refutation.

2. Hennebriated.

3. Prothrolled.

4. Talifan.

5. Flaggotry. The inane practice of claiming a rival's field with your flag, a practice now being taken verrrry seriously by both the Big Ten and SEC.

We'd like to go ahead and attempt to introduce the latest phrase you'll hear peppered about the airwaves over the following months/years/decades:

5. BOOM, HEADSHOT! Coined by FPS Doug of Pure Pwnage in reference to his many Counter Strike 2 assault rifle kills, often by shots to the head. Click here to view Doug in action before the world discovers him, adores him, and ruins him with the sweet, fattening adoration of millions. Phrase is applicable to hits like the one Matt Ryan of Boston College took earlier this year, or more archetypically, to our favorite hit ever, seen below. Slang.

BOOM, HEADSHOT! Unfortunately, Chris Leak is paying off Wright's karmic debt for that hit this year.