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In apology for our rather light blogging today, we'll be liveblogging the hell out of the day tomorrow--the whole day, USC/ND, UF/LSU, anything else striking our fancy. We'll be watching in Gainesville at the Republic of Matt, 1800 square feet of freedom complete with wireless access and a wall penis (that's a Freudian term for flat-screen television.) Chances are that we'll be drunk early on good vodka, so it could get close to entertaining for once around here, if not lucid.

In conclusion, should you want to read some stirring words, check out this moving pre-game speech on Blue-Gray Sky. They'll still lose by three touchdowns to the best offense we've seen since Tommie Frazier carried the entire '95 Florida defense seventy yards on his back to the endzone in the Fiesta Bowl. Beware, Irish fans, and stock up on consoling booze early if you haven't already. The Ong Bak of college football is on its way to your house.

Notre Dame will get kicked in the head this weekend by the Ong Bak of college football.